Your horoscope for the Winterschool

At the beginning of the week you will meet many new people, which will put you in a cheerfully excited mood.
You will bubble over with energy and motivation to tackle new tasks and discussions and to shake up existing concepts.
The coming days will teach you many new names that will arouse your interest.
Your mind will be in constant interplay of reflection and questioning. But do not get your hopes too high, the questions
will not get less with time... No, they will become more and more. But don't worry, with the nice company that you will have,
you can discuss your questions in a comfortable round over an glass of wine. Make sure that from time to time you are not too
serious and have enough fun.
Not only your mind will be challenged, you should take care of your body as well. Our advice: A soup a day keeps the doctor
away! And you should also include some physical exercise in your routine. How about collecting and rethinking your thoughts
during a walk?
You should plan some relaxing activities, as you will be exhausted and tired at the end of the week. There's no shame in taking a break and rummaging through a few fashion magazines.