Video Podcasts - Afrikanists Assemble

Episode 4 | Dream Conference

This month’s question is: “Let’s pretend you have unlimited funds and could design an international conference on any topic you are passionate about. What would it look like? Where would it be? Whom would you invite to speak?”

Episode 3 | Afrikanistik's New Neighbor

This month’s question is: “If Afrikanistik (the study of African languages and literatures) were to merge or have more porous borders with another field, which field do you think would be a cool partner and why?”

Episode 2 | Shakespeare's African Replacement

This month’s question is: “Let’s pretend that Shakespeare is suddenly canceled and stricken from the literary canon and school curricula all over the world. You have the opportunity to replace him with an African playwright or author. Whom would you choose to fill the void and why?”

Episode 1 | Afrikanistik Utopias

There will be a new episode of Afrikanists Assemble the first day of every month! In every episode, people from various academic backgrounds answer a question related to the field of Afrikanistik and African Studies.

This month’s question is: “If you could build your own utopian future for Afrikanistik (the study of African languages and literatures), what would the field look like?”