10. June 2024

Genres of African Poetry | Afrikanists Assemble | Episode 34

This month’s question is: “What is your favorite genre or subgenre of African poetry, where does it come from, and what’s so unique about it?”

17. May 2024

Language and Place | Afrikanists Assemble | Episode 33

This month’s question is: “Often we think of language and place being bound up together. Do you know of any examples that challenge this notion? How does this allow us to think about languages differently?”

15. April 2024

Custom Film/Theater Production | Afrikanists Assemble | Episode 32

This month’s question is: “Let’s pretend that you’ve been given the opportunity to produce a theatrical performance or film adaptation of an African literary work. Which work would you choose, and what would your interpretation be like? Whom would you hire for the cast and/or crew?”

14. March 2024

Crucial Questions | Afrikanists Assemble | Episode 31

This month’s question is: “What is a question that hasn’t been posed in this format before that you think is crucial to recalibrating the study of African languages, literatures, and studies? Why do you find that question so important?”