13. February 2024

Word-Body Crashes | Afrikanists Assemble | Episode 30

This month’s question is: “Has a word ever crashed into your body? To put it another way, can you think of a specific situation where a word or phrase (uttered or written) affected you physiologically or emotionally? Feel free to tell your word-body crash story.”

08. December 2023

Impact on Communities | Afrikanists Assemble | Episode 29

This month’s question is: “Have you ever witnessed research on African languages having an impact on local communities? If so, tell us about it. Or, conversely, are there specific ways you can imagine this research having a greater impact on local communities?”

13. November 2023

Untranslatabilities | Afrikanists Assemble | Episode 28

This month’s question is: “What is your favorite example of untranslatability (or something difficult to translate) in an African language, and what’s so interesting about it?”

06. October 2023

Reflecting on the Vodcast | Afrikanists Assemble | Episode 27

This month’s question is: “What has this podcast and more broadly Recalibrating Afrikanistik, the research project that publishes it, meant to you?”

11. August 2023

Visiting African Spaces | Afrikanists Assemble | Episode 26

This month’s question is: “Let’s pretend that you’ve been offered a grant to work for up to one year in an African country, region, or space that you’ve never visited before. Where would you choose to go and why?”